Social Media Marketing Denver

The traditional way to do online marketing is to simply create a web site like my company . However the rules are changing these days.

Social media marketing is focused on user generated content. Social media is about people having conversations online. More and more people are using the web to find information about potential vendors rather than just visit a web site and get bombarded with a sales pitch. Companies are searching for information (positive and negative) about vendors. They want to try and find out more about what their thinking process is, how it relates to them and often most importantly what do other people think of them.

As B2B companies start to explore these avenues more — they soon realize that companies that do it right often can use social media for their own sales and product development programs. They set up online venues and track the postings that are going on for that industry. They can react immediately to adverse reactions — and also see what the industry truly believes about their products and services. In other words — you can get the unvarnished truth.

Several of the business applications that I’ve seen for social media marketing include:

  • Brand building
  • Product Development
  • Free Customer Support / Product Support
  • Consumer Product Reviews
  • Collaboration
  • HR recruiting
  • and many others.

There is an old saying that sometimes bad news can be good news. In this particular case you are looking at social media with its increased reach, accessibility and currency of information — and it can put you out of business quickly if you are not prepared.

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