site map or Sitemap

March 5, 2009

When people are looking at Search Engine Optimization of a Web Site they tend to ignore some of the technical aspects of site optimization. All too often people tend to focus on the meta tags, keywords, etc and tend to forget a simple thing such as the Sitemap for your web site. I don’t mean a sitemap page where you click from your home page and can see a list of all the pages on the web site (that is good too for the user) — I’m talking about an XML version that you post on your Web Site and then you register that Sitemap page with the Search Engines to make sure that they go in and crawl all of the pages that you have on your site. This web site ┬áprovides much greater detail into the proper protocols of developing these sitemaps.

Suffice it to say that if you follow the basics you will get greater results on the ranking of more pages for your Web Site.